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The Hub is a membership-based home education support network. You must be a member to enroll in a course or to run a course.

There are many benefits only accessible to our members. The membership is a low-cost annual fee. All offerings are low-cost and user-pays so that you only have to pay for things that you and your children actually wish to use.

  • The Hub has been set up by an Australian Home Educating family with two teens; We run the long-running Facebook group Home Education in Australia;
  • It has been a long-time passion to create a type of online home ed co-op for several years to make home-ed more accessible;
  • Several other home ed supporting features are/will be available – an advertising directory for non-course-based resources or services; events listings; a member’s map; group forums [not on Facebook];


* terms and conditions apply

The online co-op is a major part of what we offer. Members can purchase access to a growing variety of interesting opportunities. These are specifically designed for the home-educating community.

We aim to keep courses economical. The courses are provided by a variety of people who are also members, in true co-op fashion.

Course fees may be additional to the annual fee for your Hub membership.

If you are interested in running a course,  please contact us. (We offer generous terms.)

Directories – for educational resources; for buy-swap-sell opportunities.


Our Courses

Courses* are only available to members.
Course leaders* are also members.

Do you have a course to offer? If so, we would love to hear from you!

Is there a particular course you would like to see available? Let us know and we will endeavour to make it happen. 

* Terms and conditions apply.



Introduction to Economics

Coming soon!

The first group is organised.

You must be a member to enroll in the course.

Contact us to get waitlisted for the next one.

Teen-preneur Academy

Coming soon.

Designed as a subscription-based, real-life commerce mentoring and educational opportunity.

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